Would you like your dog to be the ultimate companion?

Dreaming of a dog you can take anywhere and trust that they will have a solid recall and won’t drag you down the street?

This course consists of 7 sessions (approx 1.5 hours), the first of which will be a theory only sit down and chat, and this is the foundation we will work through on the course.   

The remainder of the course (6 sessions) will be working with your dog at both our training venue and out on walks, to develop skills for the ultimate recall and loose lead walking! Our approach is building a strong connection through reward based games and training exercises so that your dog thinks that you are the most important thing when out walking and not the environment around them.

We will explore what motivates your dog and how we can use this to help in our training. 

This course is suitable for any breed and age of dog. 

Classes take place on Fridays at 1030am and Sundays at 930am.