I have had a passion for working with animals from a very young age, I grew up with the full array including exotic fish, cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs and ponies! My passion for dogs was ignited by Peggy the Afghan Hound and continued with a variety of different dog breeds over the years.

In 2011 I began my dog training journey attending courses, seminars, conferences and assisting with pet dog training classes. In 2015 I opened HoundsLand Doggy Day Care, providing a fully enriching environment for dogs in and around High Wycombe. We look after a multitude of different dog breeds here and this has given me invaluable practical experience of dealing with dogs of all breeds
and personalities!

In 2017 I qualified as a pet dog trainer, gaining full membership to the Professional Association of Canine. In 2019 I joined the Gundog Training Academy and will be taking my assessment later in the year, with the end goal being to become an accredited Gundog Club Instructor.

In 2017 I brought home Louie, the crazy red working cocker spaniel, he has taught me so much about the breed and has fed my passion to focus on pet gundog training. I am passionate about helping new puppy owners to give their dogs the best start through building strong relationships with positive training and games. Louie taught me the importance of building the foundations for a happy and content working gundog living in a pet home. We have achieved Distinction in both our Grade 1 & 2 Gun Dog Club Assessments and we also partake in beating during the season.

I will be running Puppy Classes, Gundog Classes, Talking Dogs Rally, Trick Classes and numerous masterclasses at Scurries and look forward to working with you.

jay elcock

I have always wanted to work with animals. I was one of those children that grew up with multiple dogs and cats (and a horse) and always wanted to be a vet! However, my interest in dogs and training specifically came when my dad started to take me shooting with him when I was around 12 years old. At the time we had a Great Dane and a Jack Russel and so although I would take our
terrier with us, I didn’t do any specific training. I watched however and was fascinated and truly won over by watching dogs in their element working so closely with their owners and being so responsive to whistles and quietly given commands.

When I was 15 we got our first Italian Spinone (an HPR or ‘Hunt Point Retrieve’ breed) and I worked in the early days with her training and subsequently watched as my dad also trained our next Spinone to work with him in the field. All our dogs have always been family pets as well as working
dogs, living in the home (and also kennelled in the days) so it wasn’t only specific ‘working’ training I was interested in and we took our dogs to puppy classes and obedience classes and I used to love handling them in fun summer pet shows we’d go to as a family.

I decided to pursue a career working with animals and behaviour and went to university to study Animal Biology where I focused my ‘choice modules’ on behaviour and canine related studies. I also found a local pet dog trainer and whilst studying I apprenticed with her in puppy classes, adult obedience classes and agility training. After 2 years I started to run classes myself, and started my
first ‘pet gundog’ class, incorporating the years’ experience I had with working dogs in the past, with the theory of learning and training people with their own dogs.

I have since continued to run classes, and undertaken behavioural work, but my passion has remained puppies and working gundogs. I love running ‘pet gundog’ classes as I feel there are so many working line bred dogs living pet lives that just need that little extra stimulation, and to have the opportunity to ‘flex their instinctive muscles’ as it were, whether they’re ever going to work a day shooting in their lives or not!

I have professionally worked as a trainer and behaviour advisor now for over 15 years and 11 of those have included working for a national assistance dog charity. I have learnt a lot about many different breeds of dogs, but specifically a lot with spaniels and retrievers. I have a lot of experience of training people to train their dogs themselves and have also had a lot of experience instructing
other instructors. I absolutely love to teach and see people grow in confidence in their own skills and what they can achieve with their dogs, learning how to work together to achieve whatever they want.

I have personally worked my own dogs out in the field (both in the beating line and picking up) for the past 6 years and more recently I have started to become interested in working tests and the potential of having a go at field trialling in the future. But I remain dedicated to those people with pet gundogs who are either looking to work them in the field themselves, or just have some fun doing things that their dog has been bred for. Equally I love to be able to help, support and advise people with their puppies and the early days of rearing a well rounded and happy dog – whatever the breed!

I am an accredited Instructor with the Kennel Club and also a Foundation trainer for The Gundog Club.