Scurries welcome both pet and working gundogs.

Emily and guest trainer Jay are passionate about being able to help individuals who own a gundog breed that live at home as a pet as well as those that would like to progress them to working with canvas dummies or out in the field.

Gundog breeds make fabulous family pets and our classes are designed to provide you with the knowledge of how to raise and train them to adapt to the life that you live.

Our group classes are perfect for the pet gundog and are designed to enhance your relationship by using games and exercises which fulfil their natural instincts. The classes will give you all the knowledge to learn about what makes your gundog tick and how to get the best out of them.

Foundation Gundog Course

Our Foundation Gundog Classes take place on Tuesdays at 630pm and Saturdays at 12pm.

Classes run for 8 weeks and when you and your dog are ready you can progress to our Progressive Gundog Class and beyond.

The Foundation Gundog Class is held in small groups at our outdoor training field and is suitable for owners with any breed or cross breed of Gundog from 6 months old.

The course covers topics such as play and focus, obedience, hunting, introduction to whistle cues, introduction to retrieve, fitness and much more!

Progressive Gundog Class

Our Progressive Gundog Classes take place on Tuesdays at 12pm, Thursdays at 12pm and Saturdays at 130pm.

Classes run on a continuous basis, with occasional breaks, the benefit being that you can join us without having to wait (subject to spaces being available) and work at your own pace. When you and your dog are ready you can progress to taking the Gundog Field Tests.

The Progressive Gundog Class is held in small groups at our outdoor training field and is suitable for owners with any breed or cross breed of Gundog that is ready to move up from our Foundation Gundog Class or has received previous training elsewhere and the trainer has determined you are ready for the class. 

The course focuses on developing obedience with added distraction, retrieves, hunting, steadiness, introduction to shot and fitness.

If you have not attended our Foundation course then , we ask that you book in a 121 to meet with the trainer and gain an understanding of how we train. This 121 session must be booked prior to attending the class.

One to One Gundog Training

We also offer one to one gundog training for any dog of any age, and it doesn’t have to be a traditional gundog breed, but it will benefit most dogs that are naturally bred to work in the field; hunting and retrieving.

One to one training can be booked alongside attendance of any of our other workshops or classes. Please email for more information on one to one training.

Gundog Field Tests

The Gundog Club is the training arm of the registered Charity ‘The Gundog Trust.’ Its purpose is to promote positive, force free training of gundogs. Our guest trainer Jay is an affiliated accredited instructor.

Our gundog field test classes take place on the first Sunday of every month at our outdoor training ground. Classes run on a continuous basis so that you take the test when you feel you are ready. 

The Club aims to support students and their dogs through a series of field tests that help develop skills in the dog making them suitable for working in the field, moving onto working tests or field trials, or just to be a well-mannered and trained pet dog, utilising their breed traits and motivations to fulfil their mental needs. 

The field tests are not competitive which can relieve a lot of nerves and pressure especially for novice handlers. The dogs are assessed against criteria known in advance so as long as the dog performs the exercises on the day, they can be awarded the test certificate regardless of their performance against other dogs. 

The Foundation and Intermediate gundog classes are a great start in working towards completing these tests. 

Please email to inquire about booking onto these sessions.