“I have always wanted to work with animals. I was one of those children that grew up with multiple dogs and cats (and a horse) and always wanted to be a vet!…”  read more >


“I have had a passion for working with animals from a very young age, I grew up with the full array including exotic fish, cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs and ponies!..”  read more >


I signed up to have fun with my sprocker spaniel, to be able to play retrieve games and put in place some useful basics like the stop whistle and walking to heel. Classes are always relaxed and fun with supportive teaching. Jay and Emily are great at spotting where you can improve and after only a few sessions I had Bess retrieving dummies and delivering to hand.

Nicola & Bess / Sprocker Spaniel

We have had 1:1 with Jay and been to her classes and we are very impressed. Jay’s depth of knowledge means that she explains everything from a dog’s point of view which makes it so much easier to understand why our behaviour as dog owners has a positive or negative impact on our dogs. The lessons are really well structured and fun. We learn so much, but even better we are given tools and knowledge to continue the training. We love Jay’s classes because they really focus on our dog and what she needs to be happy and confident.

Alicia, Aaron & Olive / German Wirehaired Pointer
Bella at 3 months of age attended the Puppy Training Classes with Emily, being our first dog it was just as much training for me and family as Bella, now 1 she has come on leaps and bounds. 
Whilst I can say it was the best thing I could have done and how rewarding it was, there is no better acknowledgment and recognition of Emily’s invaluable classes than my long term dog owner friends telling what an exceptionally well behaved and trained dog Bella is.
Satnam & Bella / Spanador