Making the Right Start with Your Puppy

Have you recently brought home a puppy that falls within the Kennel Club Gundog Breed category of dogs, or maybe a mixture of breeds within this category?

Whether you intend to work your dog or keep them as a loving family pet, it’s important that you understand the history of the breed and what these dogs were specifically bred to do. Having this understanding allows you to adapt your training and build the best bond possible.

Understanding gundog breeds

At Scurries Dog Training we’re passionate about helping individuals who own a gundog breed that lives at home as a pet, as well as those who would like to progress their dog to working with canvas dummies or out in the field.

With the right training, gundog breeds can make fabulous family pets. Scurries Dog Training classes are designed to provide gundog owners with the knowledge they need to raise and train their dogs to adapt to the life they live and prevent behavioural problems from developing.

Our group classes are perfect for pet gundogs and are designed to enhance your relationship with your dog by using games and exercises which fulfil their natural instincts. These classes will help you understand exactly what makes your gundog tick and how to get the best out of them.

Common gundog issues

Training from an early age can prevent issues from developing. Some of the most common issues that we see as trainers are the following:

  • Dogs that enjoy “free hunting” i.e. hunting away from the owner and not responding to their recall cues.
  • Dogs with “resource” problems i.e. eating items, stealing items from the home and playing keep away.

It’s important to understand that most gundog breeds were bred to hunt and retrieve and therefore it is important for owners to harness these behaviours through building bonds and creating games which involve hunting and retrieving together for food and toys.

What can we do for you?

  • Pre Puppy Consults
  • 121 Home Puppy Training
  • Puppy and Advanced Puppy Classes

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